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Offical website!
The lan party team is finding a suitable location, stay tuned for the date.....
This lan is certainly being held within

Prepare yourself for a weekend of gaming, drinking, laughing, smoking, bbq, more gaming, sleeping and ofcourse CALL OF DUTY.

Omygurd it's a


The lan party is all about games! Yes that is what we play. To be able to compete with the other opponents decent hardware is required. Expect to bring your high end Intel pentium 2 overclocked to 433mHz, Voodoo Banshee (16MB 2d/3d video ram), 128 MB ram gaming rig. We provide a high-end 10 MBit token-lan network.

It's recommended to have the following games pre-installed, as we certanly going to play them:


Real warning!

Gamers bringing a Pentium 1, lagging computer or playing single player games will be shot on sight and removed from the building.

Stay tuned..

Stay tuned..

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